First Giorgio's Location, 1981

Giorgio's Then...
In the summer of 1981, Giorgio's opened its doors for the first time. Founded by Giorgio and Susan Usai, the gym was truly the realization of the American Dream for the young italian immigrant and his wife. Armed with only a few thousand dollars in proceeds from the sale of their first home, Giorgio's passion for lifting weights drove him to buy steel and build the equipment necessary to open the first 5,000 sq/ft Giorgio's Gym, located north of I90 on Pines, in the Spokane Valley. In the following years, the rugged construction of the equipment built by Giorgio was requested by individuals, businesses and schools around the area and this interest gave birth to a second business, the now acclaimed worldwide, Forza Strength Systems. In the early days, Giorgio worked in the Gym 12 hours a day taking care of members and making new friends. Giorgio's was training home for many of the best bodybuilders and power lifters in the area. In fact, Giorgio's Power Team was the dominant power lifting team between Seattle and Minneapolis.

And Today...
Giorgio's Fitness is now a father & son business dedicated to providing a welcoming, friendly, and clean facility for the average person to pursue health and fitness. Recently, Giorgio Jr. and Sr. gave the club a significant makeover, with new equipment,redesigned spaces,and a fresh new attitude. Whether you know your way around a gym, or just want to make a lifestyle change for the better, come in and join us in fitness!!
Giorgio Sr. and Jr. get ready for the opening of the first Giorgio's location in summer of 1981.
Giorgio's members gather for a group picture in the early 1980's.
Hulk Hogan visits Giorgio's for a workout in 1989.