Giorgio's members are such an INSPIRATION!
  Art Loses 108lbs in 8 Months!
My success story began in mid May during my annual physical exam, which shows the shape I was in before I joined Giorgio's. My doctor told me that I was border line diabetic, had high blood pressure (which was at the point where I needed to go on medication) and my weight was 306 pounds. Even after he told me the news, I didn't take the steps needed to improve my health.

I went down to the club, met with Melanie. She signed me up and then I met with Ted, the Fitness Trainer. He suggested that I start out with the boot camp classes which I attended four nights a week. Since I began the program, I've lost 108 pounds and went from a size 44 waist to a 34. I never had to start the high blood pressure medicine. Today I no longer have high blood pressure.

I'm shopping for new clothes because nothing fits me anymore. My next fitness goal is to be in the best shape of my life. The exercise program that worked for me is boot camp, boot camp, boot camp. How I stay motivated: results! I've seen the amount of weight I've lost and also going down from a size 44 waist to 34 has really motivated me to keep going. One 'hint' that helped me reach my fitness goals is determination. What I like best about Giorgio's Fitness is everything!

Art, your story is the reason we are here! Your new love of fitness is proof how addicting this is once you get rolling! --Giorgio Jr.

Jana Says, "I Shrunk!"
I shrunk! :) It was an exciting day...In June, I began the Fitness Coaching program with Wende and Ted. We did measurements. Yuck. I had set a goal in January of losing 50 lbs this year, and wasn't getting very far, so when Giorgio's offered once a week personal training I figured I had nothing to lose but a little more of me! Well, at the beginning of September, I was beginning to feel discouraged because my weight loss wasn't progressing as fast as I had hoped. I had only lost 10 lbs... in 3 months of hard work...Wende and I decided to do measurements again, and you know what? I had lost 4 inches around my waist, 4 inches around my hips, 3" from my thighs, and 3" from my upper arms!!! In only 3 months of hard work! I was astounded. I almost cried! All I could say was "Thank you, Wende." And then I be-bopped all around the gym telling everone of my success. Which is why you're reading it here... :)

Fitness Coaching is the program that has worked best for me. Working out once a week with Wende or Ted has certailnly pushed me pastmy fitness plateau! I started working out at Giorgio's in April. On my own I lost only 3 lbs in 2 months. I lost 14 in 4 months with fitness coaching. I'd say it's worth it!

What I like best about Fitness Coaching: Wende and Ted. They are so great! I can't tell you how helpful it is to have someone who knows you, knows how YOU work, who understands your limitations and strenghts, and who can tell when you're not trying your hardest, create a personalized workout just for you. I've learned more about fitness and nutrition, and about myself than I ever thought I would.

~ Jana


Erin lost 80 pounds in 8 months!
What worked for me... I kept my body guessing what I was going to do next. I got to the gym 3 times per week and mixed in fitness classes too. How I stay motivated... My biggest motivation has been my friends and family. They have supported me and it feels great to know how proud they are of my progress. One 'hint' that helped me... Keep a positive attitude and feel good about yourself. You will stay true to your goals if you know you're worth it! What I like best about Giorgio's... I love Boot camp because it kicks my butt! They are always changing the routines so I am always sweatin'!

Nice Job Erin! We are proud of you! --From Melanie, and the Giorgio's Fitness Staff